By Sam Wilmes

The scientific reasoning behind creationism will be discussed during a three-night seminar led by Dave Nutting, former Chairman of the Math and Science Departments at Sheldon Jackson College in Sittka, Alaska.

The seminar will take place at 7 p.m. tonight- Thursday night at the Centennial Student Union in room 201.

Nutting, and his wife, Mary Jo, will conduct the seminar on the scientific reasoning behind creationism.

Dave Nutting founded the Alpha Omedga Institute, which conducts research and trips showing scientific evidence that support the theory of creationism.

Nutting and his wife are visiting MNSU as part of their six-campus pilgrimage to spread their philosophy.

MNSU is the final stop . They have visited other MnSCU colleges and Northern Illinois University.

Their presentations are based on their time as college instructors. As instructors, they switched from embracing evolution to creationism based on scientific findings that contradict mainstream theory.

Tonight’s presentation will be “Archaeology Confirms the Bible it is True History!”

The presentation will include scientific, archaeological and historical findings that they say confirm their view of creationism.

Tomorrow night’s presentation will be “Was Darwin Wrong?”

The presentation will include the questioning of modern science’s findings on Darwin’s Natural Selection theory.

Thursday night will conclude the seminar. “Blind Chance or Grand Design?” will continue their explanations.

Nutting wants people to come to his presentation with the openness to look outside the box.

“I want to let people know that the standard evolutionary theory given to students is a very one-sided approach,” Nutting said. “This approach is naturalism — everything has to be given a naturalistic reason, independent of a creator.”

Nutting is wary of current scientific thinking on our origins.

“Non-naturalistic theories are excluded in today’s world,” Nutting said.     “Creationism is not the enemy. People paint themselves in a box. Outside of that box, there is a lot of things you need to see.”

To Nutting, the theory of creationism is not strictly for church attendees. However, he identifies himself as a believer.

“There are many people who don’t buy the evolutionary theory, not only church people,” Nutting said.

He doesn’t link his creationist beliefs with his faith.

“For me, I have my own church. That does not dictate my creationist beliefs. I saw the problems with evolution in college in Alaska. I was a Christian — however, my Christian beliefs told me evolution was real, until scientific evidence didn’t support it.”

“At that point I started doing scientific research. I found the Bible may hold the correct theory. For me, scientific research, not faith, led me to a further belief that the Bible is true.”

To Nutting, the biggest untruth he wants to dispel revolves around the central element of evolution.

“Evolution is not science — it is philosophy posing as science,” Nutting said.

He blames science moving away from creationism on outside forces.

“They have been told lies — they have been told that good scientists don’t believe in creationism. They have been told that creationism is religion and consequently evolution is now equated with scientific theory.”

Nutting said he has been successful in turning atheists into creationists.

“I had an atheist say to me, When you were here I was an atheist, and what you said in your presentation blew my mind. Do you realize what you are doing — you are going around the country blowing people’s minds.”

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