Campus IT purchases new, energy-efficient equipment

By: Megan Kadlec

Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato may not understand why it is necessary to purchase equipment to transport electronics, particularly computers, around campus.

The Information Technology department recently purchased electric trucks in order to transport computers across campus.

Previously, computers were transported across campus using pushcarts, which often resulted in damage to the cargo.

“We have had issues in the past of carts hitting cracks and tipping the carts and having computers fall off and breaking,” said Assistant Director of the Campus Computer Store Mary Jane Fitcher. “Also it is very difficult to push them in the snow and rain.”

The trucks operate much like an electric golf cart.

“They will not go any faster than 25 mph; they both come with a blinking light to alert people they are coming,” Fitcher said. “They also have backup beepers.”

In order to transport computers and other electronics, the trucks come with a built in box on the back, which features lockable lift doors on three sides.

The trucks are small enough to drive on sidewalks, and according to Fitcher, they are “green” for the environment because they run off of electricity.

In addition to transporting computers, these trucks will also help technicians do their jobs more efficiently.

“If support is needed across campus a technician will be able to get there faster than walking,” Fitcher said. “Also this will eliminate the use of personal vehicles to do deliveries of big items and going for support.”

The trucks were purchased with profits from the Campus Computer Store, and Fitcher believes the trucks will improve services on campus.

“Anything that improves service on campus is always a benefit to the students,” Fitcher said.

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