Hoffner was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges related to child pornography.
Hoffner was formally accused of the “use of minors in a sexual performance” as well as “possession of pornographic work” in a Wednesday court appearance.

Minnesota State University, Mankato head football coach Todd Hoffner was formally charged with the “use of minors in a sexual performance” as well as “possession of pornographic work involving minors” in his first court appearance Wednesday at the Blue Earth County Justice Center.

Bail will be set $40,000 without conditions or $10,000 with conditions. The conditions will require Hoffner to attend all court hearings, obey all laws and stay in contact with his attorney. Hoffner can have contact with his children, but only when another adult, such as a mother or grandparent, is present.

Hoffner was arrested Tuesday afternoon after being escorted off the practice field Friday afternoon. Hoffner is currently on paid administrative leave from MSU. At this time, it is unknown whether or not the University will do regarding Hoffner’s employment.

On August 16th, one day before Hoffman was taken out of practice, Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Matt DuRose was given a compact disc by an MSU official. On the disc contained three suspicious videos.

The videos were originally found on Hoffner’s university-issued cell phone after he brought the device to IT employees, claiming it did not work correctly.

The three videos were taken between June 26 and August 8 and depict images of three children under the age of ten, dancing naked and in some cases, fondling themselves and exposing their buttocks. There is an adult male voice that can be heard in the first video’s audio.

In the videos, the children call the adult male “dad,” and through Facebook photos, Detective Billiar determined that the children in the videos are Hoffner’s own.

With his next appearance set on August 30th, Hoffner and his attorney are pleading that this is a family matter, and people will take offense to this depending on how you interpret the videos.

Hoffner’s attorney, James Fleming, debates that the videos don’t show any violence.

“There is nothing in there that is graphic or sexually exploitive or anything along those lines,” Fleming said.

Fleming, a once-prominent public defender, is now in public practice.

This story will be updated as news surfaces about Hoffner’s arrest and trial.


  • August 22, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    Haven’t you just identified 3 juvenile victims?


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